Saturday, May 20, 2017


It's my 2nd day here in Alor Setar. I opted to arrived early so I would't have to rush to Sungai Petani tomorrow for PTM. You know, taking a flight as a mode of transport has a slight risk that the flight is delayed or cancelled. So I don't wanna mess my schedule.

I am thinking to take a bus or train to Sg Petani, then use Grabcar/Uber to the event, but suddenly a local girl (maybe my future colleague) whatssap-ed me and offered a ride with her and her mom. I agreed, sampai terus ke hotel tu, daripada tukar2 bas, berpeluh2 bagai.

Here in Alor Setar I chose a small motel just next to Shahab bus terminal to spend my 2 nights here. A small room with a queen bed and a wall fan cost me RM90, it's cheap. But the downside is this room has no window at all, so I feel suffocated and sometimes drenched in sweat (like now) due to lack of aeration.

I think the real challenge will be tomorrow. Oh God, I hope everything go well. I'll meet a bunch of strangers from all over Utara (I think), but I'm really suck in making friends. It feels awkward to start a  conversation (especially in English, u know, kebanyakan doktor suka speaking). I really hope I can get along with them, just like the way I can bertepuk tampar, gelak sakan macam dengan kwan2 kat Jordan dulu.

May Allah ease.

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