Monday, July 5, 2010


Recently my old school mate, Hakim a.k.a ustaz penguin text me:

“Salam. Naz, keluar sabtu ni nak? Ada pesta buku kat pkns, tapi aku tataw tempatnya, hehe. Ajak ramai2”

Yup, though we’re far apart, technology has brought us together. Connecting people. Then my mind approved a quote that I have heard numerous times:

“ Once you make friends with others, then the tie will last forever”

Or in the Holy Quran that we recite daily:

“ Innamal mukminuuna ikhwah, fa aSliHu baina akhawaikum”

That is what we called friendship or ukhuwwah that is constructed on the pillars of Islam. Perhaps I was in Shah Alam, Hakim in Kuala Kubu Bharu (Darul Quran), Naqib at UIA, Farahin, Sifoo, and Shafiqah at Puncak Alam, others in matriculation colleges, foundations, preparation programmes, and wherever my friends are, the connection of friendship has never end.

I wonder why??

Simple. Because we had shared the same experiences, laughs, tears, and five years of nostalgic life in our school and beloved hostel, (or for some of my friends, they assumed it as an isolated jail). Wahhh...Don’t make me start to make an essay about my hostel and school- lah...There are so much memories kept inside there. ..

The two blocks of hostel are completely strategic, located just a stone threw away from the surau, lovely futsal courts (hello, it’s tennis court actually...), and dining hall. And for several students who can’t withstand the ‘dictatorship’ that they lived under, they create and explore secrets passageways to ‘fly without wings’. Totally brilliant, huh? Talking about this ‘fly’ thing, I did once ( I forgot the exact times ). Yeah, It’s great to climb the school wall without being noticed by the guards and ustaz-ustaz who passed by. Trust me, it really requires skills and cooperation since we need to help the other members who can’t climb the wall by theirselves because of physical constraints.

Now let’s talk about the healthy diet prescribed to us. Honestly, I already missed the dewan makan, several dishes served there, and the talkative staff. If I’m not mistaken, there a type of dish so-called ‘ikan rebus with air asam’ that was hated by almost of my school mates. Served on Tuesday. Hahaha... If you meet someone in your way, this conversation is always happened.

‘Ea, makan ape harini, ha??’

‘Hm...Ikan rebus dengan air asam.’

‘Alamak..ikan mentah tu?’


And they changed their way to another venues instead of the dewan makan. Trust me, the boiled fish looked very similar to those that you could find at a wet market; the colour, the smell, and the physical appearance. Honestly, I also dislike that menu. However, I ate a little rather than left the food at all since my mom once taught me to appreciate food since we don’t know which food contains the barakah.

How about that ‘prep’ and stay-up thing?

It’s the time when the girls started their usual so-called meeting, discussing and gossiping about jewelleries, food, their favourite artists, bla...bla...

“ Wah, Cik Kiah, cantiknya baju awak..Beli dekat mana?? Penat aku cari kat Plaza *****. Tapi tak jumpa pun...Kain dia pun elok ha...”

“ Wah,hensemnya..dia ade buat album baru kan?? Ade poster dia tak?? Bagilah aku satu...”

Yucks! Annoying right?? Hahahaha...

We, the innocent boys, however, tried to focus on completing our homeworks and assumed taht tey were not there.

Late night. Staying up.We continued our study. However, there were a lot of challenges we need to face in order to finish the heapful homeworks. Arghh!!!

“Naz, tadi mak aku dtg bawak spaghetti. Datangla bilik aku. Cepat, nanti abes..”

“Ea, jom tok TV kat bawah??”

“Jom resume tgok movie kat laptop aku??”

“Malam ni ade meeting MPP. Ko tak tau ke??”

And sometimes I gave up..Hahahaha...Sweet memories...


“Do you think we will still be friends when we’re old? That we will still get the giggles and laughs till our bellies ache? Do you suppose that we will still talk for hours to each other other over coofee and tea? I do and Ihope we will be friends forever..”

(sent by Shera Bai’e via short message)

“Hanya zaman persekolahan yang mengajar kita erti pershabatan dan remaja, bila masa itu berlalu, nescaya ia takkan kembali lagi, masa ini jua kita membawa haluan masing-masing, mungkin sukar untuk kita semua bersatu kembali dalam satu tempat sekecil bilik darjah, belajar, bergurau, ke kantin bersama,, terbukti, zaman remaja adalah zaman remaja yang sukar dilupakan, mungkin suatu hari nanati kita akan menangis kerana rindukan zaman pelajar yang sangat indah, jadi jangan sesekali lupakan kenganagan kita...”

(sent by Adah via short message)

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